Practice Nurse Training

Run high performing TR & CDM departments

Practice nursing can be frustrating

When we talk to nurses about what frustrates them working in general practice, they tell us:

  • My days are busy, chaotic & exhausting and I rarely get time to make the improvements.
  • Nobody understands the work I do or the value I bring to the clinic  
  • I often feel micromanaged and asked to do tasks that I know are impractical
  • I transitioned to practice nursing for improved quality of life, but I’m not getting what I hoped for

These frustrations often go undiscussed & unresolved, resulting in nurses who are unfulfilled in their work.

Our Outcome for You

The Clinic Academy Nurse program is designed to help you transform your current job into a role that is interesting and fulfilling on a daily basis.

As a respected member of the clinical team, you’ll be able to control your own schedule, choose the work you most enjoy, contribute significantly to the financial outcomes of the business and improve access & health outcomes for your clinic and community.

Practice Nurse Training

Clinic Academy Nurse Training

The Clinic Academy Nurse Training is an easy-to-learn instructional video program outlining exactly how to run high performing TR and CDM departments, allowing you to provide improved access & health outcomes for your community.

Each module (outlined below) comes complete with concise instructional videos and a comprehensive step-by-step workbook to guide you through each action, conversation, documentation, process & framework. The program also includes case studies and quickfire answers to frequently asked questions.

Every Practice Nurse enrolled in the program will have access to the Clinic Academy resources for 18 months from the date of purchase.

Why Choose Clinic Academy?

Elevated Care and Commerce

Our programs strike a balance between optimising the clinic for efficiency & profit and improving access & health outcomes for your community.

Expert Guidance

Clinic Academy Nurse training is built via collaboration between a Clinic Owner, a GP, an experienced nurse and specialist training designers.

24 / 7 Access

The content inside each CA Program is the equivalent of 12 – 15 full days of live training and designed to be implemented over 6-12 months.

General Practice Training

Step by Step Action Plans

Each lesson comes complete with concise instructional videos and a comprehensive step-by-step workbook.

Training for a Fraction of the Cost

Clinic Academy provides advanced education for Practice Nurses at a fraction of the price, with no time away from the clinic.

Zero Fluff

We worked with a world-class team to make Practice Nurse training content easy to understand and simple to implement.

Start Training

You only get the outcome when you take the action. Get started now.


$659 (incl GST)
$86 (incl GST) per month


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Instant access
18 months subscription
In person coaching
CDM compliance updates
Pre-populated PDSAs