Medical Receptionist Training

Empower your team to improve workflow and customer experience

Training Created By Industry Professionals

As the first person that your patients will meet, a General Practice Receptionist needs to be professional, efficient & friendly. Their ability to coordinate effectively with all other personnel can ensure the timely & accurate flow of patients and information around the clinic.

Why Choose Clinic Academy?

Elevated Care and Commerce

Our programs strike a balance between optimising the clinic for efficiency & profit and improving access & health outcomes for your community.

Expert Guidance

Medical receptionist training is built via collaboration between a Clinic Owner, a GP, an expert medical receptionist and specialist training designers.

24 / 7 Access

The content inside each CA Program is the equivalent of 12 – 15 full days of live training and designed to be implemented over 6-12 months.

Step by Step Action Plans

Each lesson comes complete with concise instructional videos and a comprehensive step-by-step workbook.

Training for a Fraction of the Cost

Clinic Academy provides advanced education for medical receptionists at a fraction of the price, with no time away from the clinic.

Zero Fluff

We worked with a world-class team to make medical receptionist training content easy to understand and simple to implement.

Training Outcomes

As the first person that your patients will meet, your General Practice Receptionist needs to be professional, efficient, competent & friendly.

Clinic Academy courses give medical receptionists practical, actionable plans and tools to improve the flow of information and patients so everyone at your clinic has a more streamlined experience.

More Profits

Better workflows that result from quality training lead to higher profits.

Happier Team Members

Staff and independent contractors GPs will feel more empowered at work.

Fill The Gaps

By bridging the gap between theory and practice, we allow talented individuals to thrive at work.

Employee Retention

Be the number one choice for qualified staff in your area.

Efficient Team & Better Patient Outcomes

The right training benefits you, your team and your community

Fulfilled Potential

Upskill your staff so they can work autonomously and with confidence.

Does This Sound Like You?

Is your General Practice clinic experiencing the following:

An underperforming team that struggles to deliver consistent responses to patient enquiries?

Confusion about how your team is using their time

Performance outcomes that are lower than you expect them to be

No clear solution about providing training that won’t leave you understaffed

Conferences and training that doesn’t result in tangible change or return on investment

Reception staff who are frustrated because of a lack of clear processes and procedures

Membership Options


$659 (incl GST)
$86 (incl GST) per month


(incl. GST)

Instant access
18 months subscription
In person coaching
CDM compliance updates
Pre-populated PDSAs