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Practice Nurses in Australian General Practice

At Clinic Academy, we create training that focuses on elevating care and commercial outcomes in your General Practice. No fluff, just highly pragmatic training that delivers fast, positively impactful change for patients, staff and the bottom line.


Awesome training is hard to find

When we talk to Clinic Owners who send their team members away to (often expensive) conferences and training, they tell us:

The training was subpar or disconnected to the true needs of the clinic

The team member was away for several days but only remembered a portion of what was taught

The team member came back with a head full of ideas as to what’s possible, but lacked a tangible action plan and the leadership ability to sustainably implement any changes

This quickly results in any new approaches being discarded and owner’s wondering if the money spent was a waste because the return on investment is invisible.

Surely there has to be a more effective training approach that results in an efficient & profitable clinic with improved access & health outcomes for your community.

Meet Todd & Sarah

Sarah (Nurse & Ops Manager) and Todd (Owner & GP) have a professional working relationship spanning more than a decade. They first worked together running a network of 9 clinical locations. They now professionally consult to owners and team, helping them find more joy in their work, bring exceptional care to their communities and create financially sustainable GP Practices.

In the Clinic Academy program suite, Todd and Sarah share everything they know about resourcing team members to perform to a high standard with predictable and replicable success.

Who we train

We create online training for key roles in Australian General Practice

Grow your clinic faster

What Can You Expect?

Graduates of the Clinic Academy online training see results such as:

Full Books
Improved Patient Access & Health Outcomes
Increased Revenue
Reduced Expenses
Better Team Performance
Happy GPs, Happy Patients

5 Reasons you will love Clinic Academy

We create online training for key roles in Australian General Practice

It’s hard to measure the return on investment on training that doesn’t provide a tangible impact to the bottom line. And training that is solely about increasing profit can be quickly dismissed by team members.

Our programs strike a balance between optimising the clinic for efficiency & profit AND improving access & health outcomes for your community.

Sending your team to training can be very expensive. Once you add up the cost of enrolment + travel and accommodation + time away from the clinic, an equivalent program could cost you in excess of $20K for just one team member.

Clinic Academy provides advanced education at a fraction of the price with no time away from the clinic.

The content inside each CA Program is the equivalent of 12 – 15 full days of live training and designed to be implemented over 6-12 months. Your team will have access to the CA program 24/7 for 18 months from the date of sign up.

Each lesson can be watched multiple times and at the learner’s own pace to ensure everything implemented is successful & sustainable.

An elite program can only be designed and delivered in consultation with all the key stakeholders who are invested in the success of that role.

That’s why every CA program is built via the collaboration between a Clinic Owner, a GP, an expert exemplar of the role AND specialist training designers to make sure everyone’s outcomes are met.

Each lesson comes complete with concise instructional videos and a comprehensive step-by-step workbook to guide you through each action, conversation, documentation, process & framework.

They also include best practice principles, case studies and answers to FAQs meaning you can adopt our processes and easily adapt them to suit your own style and work environment.


Client stories

A Powerful Resource To
Help You Grow

The Perfect Patient Registration

The introduction of VPR has the industry moving to a model of patients having a home practice. Whilst there is minimal impact right now, there will likely come a time when rebates on patient services will be restricted.

If there is any ambiguity in your clinic as to how & when to ask patient’s to register, and who is the best person to do so, this training will certainly help.

Here we share 3 things:

Clarity on why starting now is important is imperative for your clinic and for your patients

An explanation of who is the best team member to address patients and when to do it.

A fast and ethical way to begin asking patients if they would like to register with your clinic.

Why Join Clinic Academy?

Graduates of Clinic Academy online typically find

GPs are happier

GPs feel supported and able to use their time efficiently and effectively. This improves GP retention, and makes recruiting easier.

Team members stay longer

Working to greater scope and role clarity is a great retention strategy

Leaders reveal themselves

Opportunities arise for nurses to step up and be accountable for clinical and business outcomes

Your business exceeds expectations

It is possible to achieve better satisfaction at work, better patient care, and better financial outcomes

Frequently Asked Questions

Alumni of the Clinic Academy online training generally see results including full books, improved access & health outcomes for patients, increased revenue, reduced expenses, better team communication and a noticeable uptick in performance & engagement from every team member.

Once you sign up to Clinic Academy online training, you will instantly be given access to our member portal where you will be able to access all the training content relevant to your role. You will first be guided through a series of onboarding videos, which explain how to get the most out of your training journey.

We judge ‘course completion’ not on training videos watched, but rather on impactful outcomes achieved in the clinic. Each Clinic Academy online training is designed to be implemented at your own pace. Most team members are able to fully implement the training material and achieve amazing outcomes in 6 – 12 months.

If you start immediately, you will begin to see positive outcomes to workflow and communication within the first 2 weeks. Measurable impacts to revenue generally take 3 months and beyond to be achieved.

Attend one of our free webinars weekly @ 12pm Melbourne/Sydney time every Wednesday.

For those that are new to clinical practice, Clinic Academy online training is designed to get you up to speed exceptionally quickly, so you know with confidence that your daily actions are aligned with the care and commercial outcomes of the clinic.

For seasoned team members, Clinic Academy online training provides an opportunity to refresh your approach, learn best practice, step up and perform as a clinical leaders and/or fall in love once again with your profession.

Clinic Academy online training is not accredited.

Only an enrolled team member will have access to their online account. Overviews of all Clinic Academy online training can be downloaded from this website and can be used to engage in an active discussion with that team member.

The Nurse Practitioner online training has been released. The Practice Manager, General Practitioner and Medical Receptionist online trainings will all be released mid to late 2024