Frequently Asked Questions

Alumni of the Clinic Academy online training generally see results including full books, improved access & health outcomes for patients, increased revenue, reduced expenses, better team communication and a noticeable uptick in performance & engagement from every team member.

Once you sign up to Clinic Academy online training, you will instantly be given access to our member portal where you will be able to access all the training content relevant to your role. You will first be guided through a series of onboarding videos, which explain how to get the most out of your training journey.

We judge ‘course completion’ not on training videos watched, but rather on impactful outcomes achieved in the clinic. Each Clinic Academy online training is designed to be implemented at your own pace. Most team members are able to fully implement the training material and achieve amazing outcomes in 6 – 12 months.

If you start immediately, you will begin to see positive outcomes to workflow and communication within the first 2 weeks. Measurable impacts to revenue generally take 3 months and beyond to be achieved.

Attend one of our free webinars weekly @ 12pm Melbourne/Sydney time every Wednesday.

For those that are new to clinical practice, Clinic Academy online training is designed to get you up to speed exceptionally quickly, so you know with confidence that your daily actions are aligned with the care and commercial outcomes of the clinic.

For seasoned team members, Clinic Academy online training provides an opportunity to refresh your approach, learn best practice, step up and perform as a clinical leaders and/or fall in love once again with your profession.

Clinic Academy online training is not accredited.

Only an enrolled team member will have access to their online account. Overviews of all Clinic Academy online training can be downloaded from this website and can be used to engage in an active discussion with that team member.

The Nurse Practitioner online training has been released. The Practice Manager, General Practitioner and Medical Receptionist online trainings will all be released mid to late 2024